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2pcs Non-Slip Kitchen mat set (KM201)

This Is A New Super Hard Wearing Barrier Mat.It Is Suitable For Any High Traffic Area.For The Home,work Place,sports Centre,shop.

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Item No.



Polyester, PVC backing


300 square

Production output


Delivery Time

20-25 days


Rolled or flat with head card



Production Process

This door mat is made from polyester and PVC. This is a striped door mat, can be made to different styles. Different colors available.

Details about 2pcs Non-Slip Kitchen mat set (KM201)

There are many different styles of kitchen mat.

This Is A New Super Hard Wearing Barrier Mat.It Is Suitable For Any High Traffic Area.For The Home,work Place,sports Centre,shop.They Are Ideal For Withstanding Heavy Footfall Environments And Creating. It Will Sit Completely Flat On The Floor And Will Not Turn Up At The Corners, Or Move On Any Hard Surface.  Useful for indoor as well as outdoor usage, these mats are made from high quality polyester with rubber backing to make these non-slip.  Available in 5 different sizes this is the best mat in this price.

100% polyester top surface, PVC backing. Total weight 2300gsm.
Flame-retardant polyester top for longevity
Rubber backing prevents the mat from shifting and slipping
Offers all-weather performance
Size: 1. door mat size: 40x60cm, 45x75cm, 50x70cm, 60x90cm, 80x120cm, 120x150cm, 120x180cm. Those are the normal size mat, it can be use as door mat, kitchen mat, many places can be used.
2.Roll mat size: 90x1500cm, 100x1500cm, 1200x1500cm, 1600x1500cm. People have different sizes of kitchen, luckily, you can cut the roll mat into whatever size you need.

Product Features
* Heavy Duty Rubber Barrier Mats
* Non Slip Indoor Outdoor Mats with Rubber Backing
* Dust Resistant, Water Resistant
* Hard Wearing Barrier Mat
* An Effective Dirt Barrier.
* Dirt & Moisture Absorbing
* Anti slip, it is heavy duty, so the recycled rubber backing resists slipping and keeps the mat where you put it.
* Waterproof, the PVC rubber backing never permeates water onto the floor
* Cheap price, usually it is cheap than microfiber and chenille etc.
* Durable, it is super wear-resisting.

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