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Luxury bath rug made from M6 microfiber yarn

Add comfort and luxury to your bathroom, kitchen or laundry room with the 17.5 in. x 47 in. runner.

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M6 microfiber, TPR backing




Beige, dark blue, sky blue, grey



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30 days after deposit

Production Process

This bathmat is made by high quality type of yarn with high sense of granular. The pile yarn type can also be custom made. The anti-slip TPR backing can also be changed to non-woven cloth with plastic dots. The piles never shed, due to it is processed with fasten. The edge can be both sewed with polyester cloth or stitching.

Details about Luxury bath rug made from M6 microfiber yarn

This traditional bath rug is soft and stylish, will be a great decorative touch to your home. The plush design lends a classic understated touch to your bath coordinates collection. The soft pile of this rug is made of 100% polyester  and features a washable skid resistant latex backing. This runner is great to place at the foot of your bed, or in your hallway as an attractive accent piece. Made microfiber, it is low-maintenance and easy to clean yourself. It does not emit VOC gases, making it a safer choice for your living area. This runner has a high pile, which creates a unique look and comfortable feel.


This bath runner is made from microfiber M6 yarn, this yarn is extremely durable than normal microfiber yarns. And the yarn has a high granular sensation and is super solid. Due to those features, M6 yarn costs higher than normal yarns. The pile height is about 2cm. This runner is with anti slip TPR backing.


  • Machine washable (wash separately)
  • Plush pattern creates a timeless style
  • Skid resistant TPR backing will keep it neatly in place
  • 100% polyester yarn for softness and colorfastness
  • Bound edges to prevent fraying
  • High pile creates a unique look and comfortable feel
  • M6 yarn makes the runner keeps the good appearance after many times of washing.


  1. Logo & brand name can be printed on the wash label.
  2. Logo & brand name can be printed on the packaging bags.
  3. Logo & brand name can be printed on the non-woven cloth, then to be sewed on the mat.


Different sizes available, and size can be customized. The sizes in the below are 50x70cm and 45x120cm.


Different kinds of packaging solutions available. Amazon customers usually prefer the mat to be folded and packed into a PE bag. While the rolling packaging and the rug with headcard and hanger packaging are better for supermarkets and chain stores. Other packaging can also be customized.



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