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Polyester GET NAKED bath rug ( MT10 )

You don’t need your bath mat to remind you to take off your clothes, but it’s still worth the lol.

Additional information

Item No.



Microfiber surface, TPR backing




white & black



Production output


Delivery Time

20-25 days


Folded into PE bags or with head card & hanger

Production Process

This is a popular GET NAKED bath mat. It can be a good gift for friends. It is long and short piles mixed, the piles with GET NAKED is longer than other piles. This bath rug can be very luxury, when it is with high density, long pile and heavy weight.

Details about Polyester GET NAKED bath rug ( MT10 )

A great bath mat will brighten up a bathroom, keep your feet toasty, and perform the all-important job of protecting you from slipping on wet floors.

This luxury bathmat is made from microfiber fabric and non slip TPR backing. The pile height is 1.5 – 1.8cm, pile weight about 1000gsm, overall weight about 1800gsm.
The shower curtain material is polyester, it is waterproof and good quality.
The material of the matching hook is resin and metal.

After 10 hours of researching, we found out some normal color matching of the GET NAKED rug made from microfiber fabrics, here we list some for your info. We can make the colors in the below pictures, and you can also appoint Pantone colors.

40x60cm, 50x80cm, 60x90cm, 50x120cm, 50x152cm
Matching contour rug can be made.

* Size, you can appoint the dimensions.
* Color, you can appoint any Pantone colors.
* Pattern, we can make new patterns based on your draft.
* Shape, we can customize the shape from your draft. ( Like leaf, flower, animals etc.)
* Weight, the weight can be customized, 1800gsm, 2100gsm etc.
* Logo and brand name can be printed on the wash label
* Logo and brand name can be printed on the opp bag.
* The logo can be sewed on the rug surface.

* Ultra soft, luxury, fluffy and shaggy.
* Super water absorbent, the dense polyester fabric pile can absorb water well.
* Fast dry, hanging in a ventilated place can dry quickly.
* Non slip ( Keep it on the dry floor), comparing with the thin backing, the thick bottom can make sure the rug stays on the floor steady.
* Machine washable ( wash separately), it can last through many washes, and will make your bathroom look and feel a bit more luxurious.

Wash instructions
Machine wash separately in cold water, never hot. Use mild detergent. Do not bleach or dry clean. Tumble dry, low heat. Not for use directly in the shower or tub.

3 things you need to know before getting get naked bath rug
1.Safety comes first: They come in many beautiful varieties, but the primary focus should be safety.
2.Easy maintenance: In spite of many beautiful varieties, they come along with their struggles. For instance, some printed ones could not be machine washed. Fortunately, you can look into our ultimate bath mat cleaning guide.
3.They are a great gift: They are a great gift, but I suggest giving it to someone who knows its value and appreciates it. They are not for conservative roommates or people who still live with their parents.

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