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Duvet Insert

Duvet Comforter Insert

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Maximum production capacity is 800 pcs per day.

Size & filling GSM can be customized.

Flexible payment terms.

Trial orders are welcome.

Compression vacuum packaging and roll packaging required for online sales are available.

Production Details

3D polyester duvet filling

3D polyester filling, smooth and fluffy,

70 GMS to 500 GSM

Baffle box

Box style stitching,

customizable stitching shapes.

piped edges duvet insert

Piped edges,

smooth and wrinkle-free.

roll packing duvet insert

Roll by machine packing,

space-saving packaging for online sellers.

Quality Control

duvet shell checking

Inspecting each piece of shell fabric

to ensure there is no damage or stains.

duvet insert loose threads and stains checking

Final product inspection. We take

responsibility for the quality of each product sold.

How do we inspect the quality?

duvet quality contral

From fabric cutting to final packaging, we conduct rigorous inspections at every step of the duvet comforter insert production process. Our standard is to control the defect rate within 0.1%.

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