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Core Competencies



Personally overseeing every production process.

Ensuring the quality of each product.         

Internal inspection and third-party inspection.



Fulfilling 95% of orders within the promised timeframe.

7800 square meters clean factory space.

30 processing equipments.

Quality control



Flexible payment terms.

Enjoy collaborating with you to expand into new product categories.

Providing customized packaging solutions for online sales.



A team with an average of 11 years of sales experience.

Committed to learning how to communicate with you sincerely, rather than just skillfully.


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Participating in textile expos and engaging with various factories & clients has heightened our sensitivity to products and industry trends. We look forward to collaborating with more of you to continuously expand  product category, providing every family with more choices.

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Our clients say

We have over ten years of experience with top business professionals

Kevin Bray

Matrixo CEO & Founder

Ecozymat is really good to work with, saved my time and make my business much more profittable.

Melina Matsoukas


I never know a rugs and mats factory can help me so much, even photos shooting, really save us a lot of costs.

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