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Wearable Blanket Hoodie

Versatile Styles

Our wearable blanket collection includes solid colors, trendy prints, unique tie-dye, and eye-catching fluorescent designs, catering to diverse market preferences.


solid color hoodie

Classic and elegant, available in black, navy, gray, pink, red, and more.


tie dye wearable blankets

Hand-crafted tie-dye, unique for each piece.


Diverse patterns for a vibrant look.


fluorescents hoodie

Eye-catching for night events

More Personalized Options

shark wearable blankets
Additional Custom Styles hoodie
  • Variable MOQ
  • Consistent Product Quality
  • Rapid Delivery Capabilities
  • Flexible Payment Terms
  • Customization & Personalization Design

Quality Fabrics

Crafted with luxurious sherpa fleece and lightweight microfiber, ensuring both comfort and durability.

Ideal for both cozy office environments and outdoor team-building events, our wearable blankets offer unmatched warmth and coziness.

Each wearable blanket is crafted with roomy sleeves, a snug hood, and handy pockets, accommodating diverse body types and ensuring comfort and convenience for all team members.

Highlight efficient supply chain management and rapid delivery capabilities, along with offering flexible minimum order quantities to help clients manage inventory effectively and reduce stockholding risks.

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