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 Tufted Cable Jacquard Weave Sherpa Blanket (MS02)

Double-sided 3D stylish jacquard weave design bring a new level of sophistication to the traditional sherpa blanket.

Additional information

Item No.



100% polyester


Twin, Queen, King, Throw


Light grey, Dark grey, Beige, Aqua, Olive


Solid Jacquard

Delivery Time

25-35 days


Bow ties, vaccum etc

Production Process

We rolled the duvet and blanket to make the dimensions small, which will be good for online sales. Incorporate the Luxury Tufted Sherpa and Cable Blanket into your collection to offer your customers the ultimate blend of comfort, style, durability, and innovation.

Details about  Tufted Cable Jacquard Weave Sherpa Blanket (MS02)


100% polyester, sherpa, flannel


Twin 66”x90”, Queen 90”x100”, King 108”x100”, Throw 50”x60”.


Flannel 260gsm. The weight can be customized.


Different packagings available, like cross ties, paper sleeve, PVC bag, bowknot or rolled-vacuum packaging.

The vacuum packaging, please check the below video.


  1. Size, different sizes can be made, for kids or adults.
  2. Design, differetn designs can me printed.
  3. Material, many different materials can be made, like flannel, sherpa, micromink, raschel, fleece, velvet etc.

MOQ details

The MOQ is usually depend on the size and weight of the blanket. For this item Sherpa 200gsm, flannel 260gsm, the MOQ for each size are listed as below:

Throw 50”x60”, 1000pcs/color

Twin 66”x90”, 500pcs/color

Queen 90”x100”, 350pcs/color

King 108”x100”,  300pcs/color


Our exclusive range of Tufted Sherpa and Cable Blankets is meticulously crafted to blend unparalleled comfort with sophisticated aesthetics and innovative design. Catering to the discerning tastes of your clientele, these blankets offer plush warmth, elegant designs, and a touch of modernity, making them a must-have in any premium collection.

Versatility in Design and Layers: Opt for our single-layer option for a lighter touch or choose the double-sided variant for enhanced warmth. The double-sided blanket features a plush sherpa on one side complemented by a luxurious jacquard shaggy sherpa on the reverse. It’s adorned with a tufted cable pattern and a 3D stylish jacquard weave design, ensuring a cozy experience in all seasons while adding depth and charm to any space.

tufted cable pattern blanket


Color Customization: The double-layer blanket offers a variety of color options for the sherpa reverse side, allowing for a personalized touch that perfectly matches any decor style. This versatility is further enhanced by the sophisticated tufted cable and 3D jacquard weave designs, offering a glamorous look and tactile sensation.

What do you get when you work with us?

1. Efficient and direct communication: You can reach us through WhatsApp, email, or phone anytime as we are available 24/7. We will discuss the issues with our decision makers and provide you with solutions as soon as possible.

2. Quality control before delivery: We will send you the PP sample and production sample for your approval. We will also arrange third-party inspection according to your request and provide you with a video contact to monitor the quality of the products in real-time. Our aim is to eliminate all the problems before the shipment is made.

3. Work together with your inventory management to create a shipment plan. If you need to change your shipment plan and require an earlier or later shipment, we will assess the production progress of all orders and available warehouse space to fully support your needs.

4. We offer flexible payment options to creditworthy customers, regardless of their size. We base these options on Sinosure’s investigation and other evaluation methods. Currently, the best payment method we provide is O/A 90 days after the B/L date.

5. If you have any other requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our aim is to make your job transition easier and help your company become more profitable with our services.

We hope that all consumers can feel the warmth when they use our blankets so that they can reduce the use of energy to heat their homes, thus bringing about even a small reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, which will a contribution to the environmental protection of our planet. That’s why we are in this business.


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