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5 different yarns for microfiber bathroom rugs

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Nowadays, microfiber bathroom mats are still popular with many families, but there are many types of microfiber yarns. Many buyers may not know what to buy when purchasing. Generally, the factory provides samples and the buyer chooses is it what you need. Today we will analyze the 5 different types of microfiber yarns on the market.

What are the 5styles of microfiber yarns?

In this article, we are going to talk about the 5 styles of yarns — D4, D8, D3-2,M6 and D2-2, and here are the photos accordingly as below.

What is the twist of yarn?

Before understanding several different yarns, we need to know a concept, that is twist. Yarn twist refers to that in order to make the yarn have certain physical and mechanical properties such as strength, elasticity, elongation, luster, and feel, the cotton yarn must be changed by twisting, and the yarn twist is realized by the fiber structure. There is a relative angular displacement between the two sides, so that the originally straight and parallel fibers and the yarn axis are inclined to change the yarn structure. Twist triangle, in which the width and cross-section of the sliver changes, from a flat ribbon to a cylindrical yarn.

How is the yarn made?– Spinning

Spinning is the process of using certain systems, processes, equipment and technology to process textile staple fibers into yarns that meet certain requirements. This process loosens and assembles the fibers.

The preliminarily processed raw material is in the form of a large block, and there is a close lateral relationship between the fibers. The arrangement of the fibers is disordered and contains certain impurities. The loosening of the fiber is to completely remove the lateral connection of the fiber raw material, but the fiber damage must be reduced as much as possible.

Therefore, the loosening of fibers from bulk to single fibers requires four processes of opening, impurity removal, mixing and carding.

1. After tearing, hitting and dividing, the large fiber blocks are turned into small fiber bundles.

2. With the progress of opening, the connection force between fibers and impurities is weakened, and impurities are removed.

3. Raw materials with different characteristics are fully mixed in the process to achieve fullness and ensure the consistency of raw materials.

4. Purpose The fibers are loosened into a single state, arranged in the longitudinal direction, and the fiber hooks gradually tend to be parallel.

Fiber collection is then performed. The collection of fibers is to re-establish the orderly vertical connection of the loosely processed fibers. This connection is continuous, and the distribution of fibers in the aggregate should be uniform, with certain fineness and strength at the same time. Therefore, the assembly process needs to be completed through multiple processes such as drafting, winding, and twisting.

  1. straight and parallel

After carding, the semi-finished product is drawn and drawn, and the fast fibers are drawn out from the slow fiber bundles one by one. Due to friction, the curling is gradually straightened.

2. forming

On the basis of not affecting the quality and output, to complete the connection of each process, it is necessary to wind the semi-finished product or finished product in a certain form.

3. Complete the collection:

The whisker is twisted around its own axis, so that the fibers parallel to the axial direction of the whisker are helical, and radial pressure is generated to fix the longitudinal connection between the fibers.

The differences of 5 styles of microfiber yarns

Let’s compare the 5 styles of yarns from durability, color fastness, features and cost, so that we know the difference of the 5 styles of yarns.

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