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How to purchase bath mats from China

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This article is for novice buyers, if you are a novice buyer at a home textile company, or a novice buyer at a department store, or if you want to sell bathroom floor mats on Amazon, please read this article.

Determine what kind of bathroom mats you need to purchase

First of all, you need to determine what kind of bathroom mats you need to purchase, microfiber plain bath mats, microfiber jacquard bath mats, chenille bath mats or chenille steam yarn bath mats? Here are some photos for your reference.

Well, this photo just show some of the bathroom rugs, for more items, please check our products here.

The difference between several different anti-skid bath mats.

Different markets have different requirements for the bottom gram weight. TPR backing is a popular bottom in recent years. Usually, if the quality requirements are relatively low, it can do 600gsm. If the requirements are relatively high, it can do 1000gsm. The higher the bottom gram weight, the easier the bottom of the bathroom mat will be attached to On the ground, the anti-slip effect is better. It should be noted that the the bathroom mat with TPR backing must be used on a dry and clean floor. At the same time, it can also be used on the floor with heating equipment.

The size of the bathroom floor mat.

We all know the size of the commonly used bathroom floor mats, and it is clear at a glance through the following picture. However, the maximum width of the equipment for making bath mats is usually 120cm, so as long as the width is less than 120cm, the mats can be customized with any length, such as a runner of 50x120cm. Or there are special needs, which need to be placed in the bedroom, or need to be placed in the kitchen, 50x150cm can be done.

Confirm the MOQ(minimum order quantity) with the supplier.

Generally, due to the MOQ requirements of the dyeing plant. For the microfiber bath rugs, the MOQ of the yarn is 200kgs/color. As for how many mats can be made with 200 kgs of yarn, it is determined according to the weight and size of the mat. So you should confirm the pile weight  before purchasing. The MOQ for chenille yarn is usually 400kgs/color.

Make a budget

If you want to source bathroom mats from China, then you need to calculate the cost. The cost of imported products should include product cost, sea freight, import duties, value-added tax, and freight from the destination port to the designated warehouse. We have cooperative freight forwarders who can do DDP prices, including all costs from purchasing products from the factory to transportation to the designated warehouse.

Get a sample to check the quality

After calculating the price, you can ask for samples from the factory. Generally, it can be shipped by international express, and usually it can be delivered in about 7 days. And generally if it is a product with a relatively low value, samples are free. If the value is relatively high, it can also be deducted from the order when you confirm the order.

Make a bulk order

After you confirm the quality of the sample, you can place an order from the factory. At this time, you need to inform the factory of your packaging requirements, you can make your own packaging design, and confirm the delivery time with the factory. During factory production, you can also ask the factory to update the progress of production to ensure on-time delivery.


If you are importing from China for the first time, maybe you can try to use the freight forwarder that the factory has cooperated with for a long time, so that both the price and the professional level are guaranteed. The freight forwarder that our company has cooperated with for a long time can even provide the service of inbound payment. If it is a DDP quotation, they can be responsible for transporting the goods to the designated location. And our freight forwarder can also be responsible for customs clearance at the destination port.

If you are a novice buyer, please feel free to contact us. In this article, we just list a few aspects of how novice buyers can import bathroom floor mats from China. If you have any other questions, please feel free to send us an email, it is our honor to serve you.

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