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How to Boost Your Profits Selling on Amazon?

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As Amazon becomes the most extensive online sales platform, more sellers are beginning to sell on Amazon. Sellers must adhere to Amazon’s strict requirements. (We will only talk about how to boost your profits selling on Amazon as a Chinese supplier, but not an Amazon seller.) We have consistently supplied our clients who sell on Amazon with a stable inventory and have accumulated extensive experience that enables us to help our clients achieve higher margins.

Our products mainly include quilts, fleece blankets, bed sheets, bath rugs, duvets, etc. Our clients, who work with us, often request that we source other new products, so our product range is continuously expanding.

1. Packaging

When selling on Amazon, you can choose FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), which means shipping from an Amazon warehouse. Alternatively, you can select FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant), where the seller arranges shipping themselves. Amazon’s mission is to serve customers better. To enhance customer experience, Amazon favors FBA, which generally ensures orders are delivered within two days, whereas FBM typically results in longer delivery times. Therefore, if you aim to achieve better rankings on Amazon, being an FBA seller is more advantageous.
However, FBA costs are high, especially for heavy or large-volume products. Many home textile products, such as quilts, fleece throws, sherpa blankets, bedspreads, fitted sheets, blanket hoodies, etc., are of large volumes. We use machine compression packaging for these items to reduce their volume, substantially decreasing FBA fees significantly.


For instance, we produce quilts in various sizes:




Super king

And in various weights (togs):

1.5 tog

2.5 tog

4.5 tog

7.5 tog

10.5 tog

13.5 tog

15 tog

16.5 tog

In my previous articles, I’ve compared the quality of our comforters with those produced in the UK. Considering FBA costs as one of the main factors for our customers’ purchasing decisions, they finally chose to source from China. We know the exact dimensions of each quilt after compression packaging (not vacuum), which allows us to calculate the FBA fees accurately.

2. FREE Professional photos and Video

The impact of images and videos on shopper behavior on Amazon is substantial, influencing several vital aspects:

Enhancing Attraction: High-quality images and videos capture shoppers’ attention, particularly in product listings. Superior visual content helps products stand out.

Providing Information: Shoppers often rely on images and videos for detailed product information, such as size, color, and material. This visual information aids in a better understanding of the product, leading to informed purchase decisions.

Building Trust: Clear and professional images, alongside comprehensive product demonstration videos, increase buyer trust in the quality of a product. When buyers can view a product from multiple angles, they are more likely to trust the accuracy of the product description.

Demonstrating Usage and Features: Videos are especially effective in explaining how to use a product, its features, and its benefits. They provide practical demonstrations that help buyers understand how the product works.

Creating Emotional Connection: Exceptional visual content can evoke an emotional response, mainly when images and videos showcase the product in real-life scenarios. Buyers can then visualize themselves using the product, increasing their desire to purchase it.

For any product purchased from us, we offer complimentary photography and video services, whether it be quilts, fleece blankets, fitted sheets, hoodie blankets, weighted blankets, patchwork, etc. And we know Amazon does need photos like a product with a white background as a main photo.

After working with us, one of our European customers provided professional videos and photos, which helped them get reviews from 500+ to 1500+ within six months.

Below are some examples of the photos we have taken for our clients.

3. Content A+ design for product list on Amazon

We all know the importance of content A+ design for Amazon:

Enhanced Customer Experience: A+ content provides detailed, engaging product information, helping customers make informed decisions.

Increased Conversion Rates: Clear, comprehensive descriptions and comparison charts increase sales by reducing customer hesitations.

Reduced Return Rates: Accurate product information sets realistic expectations, leading to fewer returns.

Improved Brand Perception: High-quality content reflects positively on the brand, differentiating it from competitors.

Search Engine Optimization: Well-crafted content improves visibility and rankings within Amazon’s search, driving more traffic.

Positive Feedback: Informed and satisfied customers are likelier to leave positive reviews and recommend products.

Content A+ design is essential for enhancing customer experience, boosting sales, and improving brand image on Amazon.


Many small and medium-sized sellers on Amazon lack a dedicated design team, so they don’t have good A+ content designs on their Amazon list page. We assist our clients by offering free design services for their content A+ design to boost their sales. Typically, we analyze top-selling products on Amazon and allow our designers to tailor the detail page content to highlight the unique features of our clients’ products.

    Here is an example of the size details of the polyester duvet insert we made.

4. Detailed cost calculation

    • We can help you determine the commodity code, calculate the customs duty, and calculate the value-added tax (VAT).

    For example, for a duvet, the commodity code is 9404409000, the duty rate is 2%, and the VAT rate is 20%.

    • We know the exact packaging dimensions & the quantity one 40’’ HQ can hold for all our products we do. So you can calculate FBA fees and sea freight shared per item.

     For example, a polyester duvet 300gsm double, the package dimension is 41x20x20cm; you can see the exact FBA fee from the image below:

5. Timely Delivery and Ensuring enough stocks.

In my previous articles, I’ve discussed the cases shared by our customers about the consequences of delayed deliveries in their procurement history. In May 2022, they signed a contract with a factory in Nantong, China, and paid a deposit of USD 15,000 for 3×40’HQ containers with a lead time of three months. However, it was in December 2023 that the customer received the first container, which took 20 months. This delay is detrimental for online sellers as their product links lose ranking over time. To revive sales, they must reinvest in advertising.

We have long-term partnerships with fleece fabric suppliers and purchase several hundred tons of fleece fabric annually. Even during peak season, suppliers prioritize our orders due to our consistent business. We manufacture quilts throughout the year, both heavy and lightweight. Our regular fabric procurement ensures that our suppliers are always stocked and can deliver promptly whenever we need to. We have partnerships with several quilt-filling factories, one of which primarily supplies us.

One of our online retail customers mentioned that they constantly faced stock shortages with local suppliers during peak seasons, causing considerable distress. Naturally, sourcing from us has alleviated this issue, and their warehouse is always well-stocked.

Do you have any other questions? If you think this article is helpful, please share it with your friends and leave your ideas in the comments section. If you have any inquiry, please CONTACT US.

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