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5 expert tips to source curved bath rugs for quadrant showers

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As a procurement or a buyer, have you ever found that it is not easy to source the right curved bath rug for the quadrant shower? And how can you help solve the problems that your customers may face like below?

Hope this article can help.

What’s the material for the curved bath rug?

The material choice is a consideration for both comfort and function. So far, the materials we used for our curved bathroom rugs are polyester microfiber, chenille and polyester flannel with memory foam.

Polyester microfibre with anti slip rubber backing ( we usually called TPR).

The microfiber fabric is super absorbent and plush, it is handled with gluing so it won’t shed. The TPR bottom is non slip, but we strongly suggest that it should be put on the dry floor. And it is machine washable.

Chenille pile with non slip TPR backing.

The chenille fabrics absorb water well, and it is ultra soft and can keep your toes warm. It can be made with TPR backing or non-slip PVC mesh backing. But we prefer TPR backing better, because TPR backing is more durable, especially washing in machines.

Polyester flannel with anti-slip TPR backing.

The polyester flannel bathroom rug usually has memory foam inside, so a step on this rug will take you to cloud 9. This kind of bath rugs are usually made with non woven cloth and PVC backing, but we suggest TPR backing better, it is more anti-skid.

How should I know the Shape of the curved bath rug?

You must be very curious to know how to match the right size of corner mat for the curved shower enclosure, I listed 4 points in the below picture, I hope it can help.

Distance of the 2 corners on the top

The dista d of the 2 corners on the top decides the dimensions of the curved rug. Until now, we have 3 size for you to choose from, small, medium and large size, the 3 sizes can match different sizes of bathroom.
For more information of the 3 sizes of rug, click HERE to check and get a free quote.

Curvature of the corner shower base.

This is the key to determine whether the corner mat can fit a round shower edge or not. Here we list some normal shower base size FYI, it can fit the curved bathtub also.

Length of the side

Usually we made this side 40cm or 45cm, but it can be customized.

Curvature of the longer curved side.

If it is hard for you to decide the curvature of the longer curved side, then you can just make it the same as the shower base edge. Anyway, we can customize based on your curvature.

How can I customize the curved bath rug?

Other than the size, you must want to know what others can be customized.


The density of the fiber determines the weight of the rug, the higher density the more luxury the rug is. The medium weight we do is overall weight 1650gsm, we are now making a higher density 2100gsm. Anyway, the weight can be customized.


Europeans often say that less is more, so we choose dark and light grey to be our standard colors. Believe it or not, those 2 colors can fit most of the bathroom decoration styles.
Let’s study more from the link below, it is our 1650gsm curved rug in dark grey color.

Round rug for quadrant sliding shower room (MC03)

How to brand the curved bath rug?

Logo and brand name can be printed on the wash label

The wash label usually is stitched on the wash label, so it will always stay on the corner rug itself. Your logo & brand name can be printed on the wash label.

Logo and brand name can be printed on the packaging.

No matter for selling on line or at stores, the bath rug need to be well packed. Generally, it can be packed into bags or small box, so your brand name can be printed on the bag or the box.
3.The logo or brand name can be sewed on the rug surface.
Some customers may hope their brand name to be on the surface of the rug, it is also possible. We can make a non woven label, and the logo or brand name can be printed on the label, then the label can be sewed on the surface of the corner mat.

How should I match the pedestal mat and the shower curtain?

The bathroom rug and the shower curtain is one of the largest design pieces in your bathroom, so why not make the most of it?
Usually, for small bathrooms, people request a small size carpet, about 40x60cm to be placed in front of the sink., and a bath runner on the rest of floor. And some people may need a U shaped or square toilet to be placed in front of the toilet. And there are different shapes of U shaped contour rug, but all shapes and sizes we can customized.

When it comes to shower curtains, it doesn’t have to be the exact same shade as your bathmat. Anyway, it can be customized from your draft, and we can also match the shower curtains whose main color is the same as your bath mat. And from the below pictures you can see, we can also match the hooks, not just a simple metal hook, but the same color and theme from your shower curtain, trust me, this can help your bathroom looks sophisticated and fresh.

Sincerely hope we have listed all the knowledge about the corner rugs you want to know, if any other information you want to know, kindly send us an inquiry, we will be glad to share.

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